LPL Research Presents Outlook 2022

LPL Research’s Outlook 2022: Passing the Baton is here to provide insight and analysis for the next set of challenges the economy and markets may face. For any investor, making progress toward your financial goals [...]

LPL Research Presents Outlook 2021

More than most years, it’s hard to look ahead to 2021 without looking back at 2020. A global pandemic, a massive economic collapse, and the impact of lockdowns—it was an unusual year of extraordinary challenges. [...]

Election Preview Part I & II

Our research department at LPL Financial wrote two excellent papers regarding the upcoming election, which we wanted to share with you. This research indicates the election remains a “coin toss” and forecasts the relative market/economic impact of [...]

Managing the Coronavirus Impact

We wanted to share Summit Financials’ operational plan as it relates to the government’s emergency measures to mitigate the contagion of coronavirus. Planning/ investment reviews will be offered to you via conference call Prior to [...]

LPL Financial Knowledge-Driven Conferences

Each year, the top 100 fee-based advisors come together to review client management techniques, prepare for industry changes and share ideas with peers to improve their practices. In this forum attendees explore successful business models [...]

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