We wanted to share Summit Financials’ operational plan as it relates to the government’s emergency measures to mitigate the contagion of coronavirus.

  • Planning/ investment reviews will be offered to you via conference call
  • Prior to our call we will e-mail or overnight the presentation, statements, and any review materials
  • When normal business resumes, these options will be offered in addition to face to face meetings
  • Office hours will continue from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. until further notice
  • In the event of our office closing, phone and e-mail communication will continue

It is difficult to see the other side of this right now, but the economic disruption which may be significant, will also be temporary. The U.S. economy and corporate America are resilient and adaptable. Investments (stocks and bonds) have weathered national disasters, terrorists’ attacks, financial crisis, and many other economic geopolitical shocks.

The financial/ retirement/investment planning and strategies, including your Asset Allocation, took into consideration other historical traumas to the economy and markets. The great news is the U.S. economy was very healthy before this decline and has a tendency to bounce back with more powerful rallies off the lows. While markets continue to face a crisis of uncertainty, we still have unwavering confidence in the long-term fundamentals and prospects for the U.S. economy.